The Overwhelming Benefits of Supporting the Performing Arts

When budgets are cut in schools and communities, the first thing that takes a hit is the performing arts. While singing, dancing, and playing instruments might seem like a colossal waste of time to community leaders, they are some of the most important activities that you can have. If you are still on the fence, here are some reasons you should lend your support in your area.

Strong Communities

Performing arts are central to building a cohesive community. An area that has a vibrant community of music, dance, and drama allows kids to partake in things that are not just pop culture. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, communities that embrace the arts have higher child welfare, lower poverty, and higher civic engagement.

Cultivating Creative Industries

Creativity is an industry, and without performing arts, that industry cannot exist. In an analysis by Dun and Bradstreet, around 756,700 businesses in the United States are involved in the creation and distribution of art. These businesses employ nearly three million people, representing approximately 2.17 percent of the workforce and 4.14 percent of all businesses. These businesses include museums, films, theaters, and symphonies.

Local organizations spend money within their community and are considered the cornerstones. It is estimated that consumers spend approximately $166 billion annually visiting museums, theaters, movies, and musical performances. These companies generate tax revenues of nearly $30 billion a year.

Local Merchants Benefit

When your communities have events like ballets, concerts, and plays, local merchants also benefit. Patrons spend an average of $27 on things like parking, babysitting, and meals the night of the event. If the attendees are non-local, meaning they live outside the area, they are likely to spend twice as much during their visit. This is a good thing for the local community.

Academic Performance

There is truth in the saying that those who participate in a performing arts program in school have better grades. Schools that ensure a rich program have students with higher GPAs and lower dropout rates. Their students learn memory skills and develop better attention skills, making them perform better at math and science.

This also translates into better SAT scores. Students who participate in school-based programs during their four-year high school career average 100 points higher on their SAT. This applies to all areas of the test: math, reading, and writing.


Even though the performing arts programs are usually first on the chopping block, having experience in these activities is important to employers. They want employees who can come up with creative solutions to problems, and having a degree in college arts can be essential. Even if the employee doesn’t hold a degree, things like music, drawing, dance, and creative writing are skills that employers are interested in.

When you take away music, drama, and drawing to focus solely on reading and writing, kids aren’t going to have anything to read and write about.

The Magic of the Performing Arts

There is something special about people involved with the performing arts. They have a talent to portray art with their own movements and language. This is something that the majority of the population is not capable of. What is sad is that many people who enter college take the safe route and opt for Liberal Arts. This can be a good choice for some, but employers aren’t going to be looking for someone with a specialty in Liberal Arts. They want someone unique, someone who has mastered a specific trade. If you can succeed in Performing Arts, then you will have an enormous advantage over other students entering the work force at the same time. Another obvious advantage is that, in many cases, your job will force you to stay in good health. This might be overlooked by many students at a young age, but as your age progresses, you will realize how important this factor becomes.

There are many different branches to Performing Arts, which include acting and dance. You will need to stay in good health for acting simply due to appearance. It’s possible to make waves based on character and personality, but it will be a more difficult road. It’s even more important to stay in good health for dance; otherwise you will not be able to perform at peak levels, which will hinder your chances of landing that dream job. Let’s focus on dance. Many people feel as though dancing ability is something you’re born with. This is only correct to certain extent. Rhythm is something you’re born with. That said, dance, like anything else, can be mastered through practice. Many dancers choose to practice in a mirror. The more they watch themselves, the more they’re able to correct mistakes and master a certain form.

Eventually, there will come a time when you have to participate in a recital. Whether this is a solo or group performance, you’re going to want to make sure it stands out. While the dancing aspect is up to you, there is one piece of advice that can go a long way: Make sure the scene is attention-grabbing. The scene of your recital should have personality. If you really want to wow the audience, involve some amazing props, such as burning fire pits or a land of flowers. The latter is for a more feminine approach and the former is for a more masculine one. If you’re aiming for masculine, a rustic fire pit can take the audience to a time of kings, queens, and dangerous romance. It will be sure to capture the audience’s attention. Once you have their attention, it’s up to you to keep it.