All the World’s a Stage – Careers in the Performing Arts

Whether you love to dance, sing or act, if performing is your passion then you may want to consider the following career options. Teaching
Regardless of what type of performing art you love to do you can teach it to others for a career.

If you are an actor or actress you can easily find work because most schools have theater departments. To increase your earning potential you can double major in college for theater and education.

Many performing artist also find work at local performing arts schools or theaters. They can teach children their craft both in groups and on an individual basis.

This is an easy way to keep your passion alive and share your talent with others. Choreography

If you are a dancer but don’t want to be in the spotlight choreography is perfect for you. Choreographers are needed in many different places.

They are used for movies, TV, plays, music videos and other productions. Choreographers get to create and then teach dances and performances to other performers. They are the backbone to a production and they get to see their artistic vision come to life.

Generally, choreographers have some training in the field and some earn a bachelors degree although it is not required. Director
If acting is your passion and for whatever reason you cannot do it consider becoming a director. Directors can work on plays, commercials, TV and movies.

Directors create the entire visual, audio and creative feel of a production. Essentially, they run the show and bring their creative vision to life. To become a director you don’t need a degree, but it is helpful.

You can get your foot in the door by working as an assistant to the director or taking other available jobs on film sets. Additionally, many actors and actresses start out directing by making short independent films to get their name out there.

The most important thing is to gain contacts and experience by working and networking in the entertainment industry.

Gaining an Online Education in Performing Arts

When looking to pursue an accredited education in performing arts there are numerous online learning options available. You can choose to gain an education in specialized areas of study while training from the comfort and leisure of your own home. Gaining an online education in performing arts gives you the chance to obtain the skills you need to seek out the career you long for. Training can be completed at numerous levels of study depending on the desired career and specialized area you choose to pursue. Some training may need to be completed through traditional campus based learning depending on the area of study.

Obtaining an online education in this exciting field can be done by enrolling in an accredited educational training program. The level and length of study will vary depending on the career you wish to pursue. Training can be completed at the certificate and degree level allowing you to enter into the workforce. You have the option of choosing an accredited:

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree

The specific level of education you choose will help to decide the length of time you will need to spend on training. Studies can last anywhere from several months to four years. You can expect to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to enter into a successful career in performing arts.

Accredited online career preparation programs can give you the quality education you need and deserve. Online performing arts earning programs are designed to prepare you for career working as a:

Music Teacher
Stage manager

…or other entertainment professional. You can seek the career you desire by enrolling in and completing an online training program that is geared toward your desired career.

The field of performing arts consists of a variety of specialized areas of study that you can select from. Training in this field can be completed in areas such as:

Public Speaking
Stage management

…and much more. Training in a specialized area of study will help to give you the skills to work as a professional in that area. Accredited online training will cover various career related subjects which may consist of training in production, recording, and songwriting. You can also study sound effects, performance, management, and other related coursework. When you choose to obtain an accredited online education in performing arts you can expect to gain the skills needed to enter the workforce prepared.